We created AEConsortium because there should be a more reliable way to accumulate wealth than the ever-fluctuating stock market and putting your hard-earned money into your 401k. 90% of the world’s millionaires invest in real estate. Tax benefits, housing as a necessity, backed by a hard asset – these are some of the reasons why real estate, and specifically workforce housing, offers the best risk adjusted returns out there.  

AEConsortium offers the chance for busy people to invest in real estate with experts who are aligned with their goals. Together the managing members have over 50 years of management and operations experience. Our fiduciary responsibility and transparency to our investors is paramount. We invest in communities to make a difference for both the residents and our investors. Our exceptional operations are our secret sauce. At AEConsortium, we make it easy for investors to build wealth with people you can trust!

Our mission is to positively impact the lives of our investors and the communities in which we invest through the highest level of transparency and fiduciary responsibility.

Our goal is to convey to you our philosophy of investing in multifamily properties and impart our mission and vision.

We bring you multi family investment opportunities

AEConsortium provides investment opportunities for accredited investor(s) in the commercial real estate market, specifically in the multifamily arena. Through extensive research we find the best emerging market in specific states for multifamily investment. We bring you multi family projects presented by experienced Sponsor Teams to acquire top quality assets that are projected to generate both current income, equity growth and ultimately experiencing significant capital gain when sold. Properties are held in an LLC in which investor(s) own a share of regularly distributed income, all income share and ultimately distributed principal are based on their initial investment. Assets are often held on a three to five-year timeline.

For Accredited investors only

Accredited investor(s) are invited to join in these investments with the goal of achieving above average current cash-on cash returns as well as a growing value initial investment. The investment is suitable for direct investment as well as investments through self-directed IRAs, 401(k)s and other qualified tax-deferred funds.

Projects managed by Experienced Sponsor Team

Each asset is managed by a separate LLC created by Sponsor Team for the purpose of operating the property LLC efficiently to add value. With constant attention to producing the best returns for investor(s) and maintaining an open line of communication on a continuous basis with investor(s).


To provide opportunities that are based on tried, tested and proven systems.

Utilize systems that are result-driven, people oriented and dedicated to excellence.

Rely on experienced management teams only


A company that is built on the foundation of integrity, trust, loyalty and friendship.

A profitable, ethical and excellent product value firm.


Great returns for investors while managing communities.

Providing opportunities that build wealth and growth for each investor


At AEConsortium we take our “Client First” philosophy to heart. This means that every investment opportunity must be able to benefit our investor(s) or it is not an opportunity we are willing to pursue. Believing that there are many qualities that are required to be a successful real estate investment and management organization.

These qualities include:

Which we strive to achieve each of these continuously!


We are actively looking for interested investors. You may qualify to invest with us as either an accredited or sophisticated investor according to SEC guidelines. Click the “Start Investing” button below to fill out our investor form and find out if you qualify to join our multifamily investment team.

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