At AEConsortium, we seek opportunities to improve inefficient operations, re-brand, renovate and enhance the resident experience which drives up net operating income and value, to build wealth for you. We minimize risk by sourcing opportunities in markets with strong fundamentals and in gentrifying and improving neighborhoods. We strive to improve communities not just for our bottom line but for the residents in which we serve.

It takes countless hours on our part before you, the investor, actually see an offering. First, we assess deals we get from brokers and other resources that we have carefully sourced and developed over many years to see if the opportunity meets our criteria. If it does and we like it, we go into a deeper dive to analyze the deal. Our meticulous analysis is the foundation of our fiduciary responsibility to our investors. If the opportunity passes our rigorous tests, we perform due diligence, submit an offer and negotiate.


Each property is unique, but typically we will begin rehab very soon after closing, reposition it with new branding and continue to maximize income and minimize expenses throughout the duration of the hold. An investment is typically a 3-5 year lifespan depending on if we project continued upside, the current state of the market and most importantly the velocity of our investors’ money. Throughout the investment, we promise consistent and transparent communication.

Our operational and management experience gives us a competitive advantage. We communicate with you, the investor, consistently in a transparent and effective manner to make it easy for you to sleep easy at night and build wealth.


It is our belief that multi-generational wealth can be created by purchasing and holding real estate property long-term which will allow our investors to benefit from increasing cash flows, property appreciation and the chance to exit the investment at the appropriate time in the market cycle. Each investment is different, but our primary focus is on commercial properties investment which can be held for 3-10 years where we see solid performance and favorable ROI. We take into consideration all of the differences inherent in each of our properties but apply the same time-tested process and strict evaluation techniques to each and every investment. Our goal is to achieve exceptional returns while minimizing risk in order to produce the most predictable results possible.


Prior to entering into any transaction, we strive to identify the highest quality properties with significant upside potential and a favorable risk-to-reward outcome. A thorough evaluation of the target metro area, market, sub-market and neighborhood is our first priority. We will only “pull the trigger” after we complete rigorous due diligence and apply our strict underwriting and conservative assumptions in order to verify the property will perform. We strictly avoid over-leveraging our assets to ensure a greater margin of safety.

Summarizing our methodology, we

Our focus is on purchasing underachieving, cash-flowing multifamily properties throughout the United States. We have a primary focus on markets in the Southeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Texas. These markets are of interest to us because of strong employment and population growth trends as well as income growth, good schools and diverse populations.

We aim to improve the property by adding value: Once the acquisition is finalized, the plan is then to improve the property by completing any deferred maintenance, adding effective property management and overall enhancement of the asset. These actions will result in increased property values and higher cash flow for our investors.

Once the property has been transformed and stabilized, we will evaluate all options available to us. Depending on market conditions, we may decide to maintain it long-term for steady cash flow or refinance and return some or all of the invested capital back to our investment partners.

Upon completion of the business plan, we will manage the steps necessary to complete the strategy on the exit. We pride ourselves on open and frequent communication with our investors and will provide regular updates on progress toward reaching the best possible exit price for the property.


We are actively looking for interested investors. You may qualify to invest with us as either an accredited or sophisticated investor according to SEC guidelines. Click the “Start Investing” button below to fill out our investor form and find out if you qualify to join our multifamily investment team.

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